Busy day with REAL!

3 x 9 units gives this as a result!
HIGH quality jobs with REAL aerial platforms!
Small machines for big work! 
Our units are ready for Crammerock, are you?
You can still admire our units until September 4 in Ostend!
From June 21st to June 26th in Antwerp, Groenplaats!
REAL is also this year is the proud partner of Q-Beach House!
9 custom-made office units, equipped with a walking grid terrace.
A successful participation in Matexpo 2021 and a successful collaboration with Matexpo 2021.
Real has been supplying "musical radio units" for Vrije Radio Belsele for several years now.

Q-Beach house, a collaboration that has existed for several years between Real Verhuur and DPG Media on the beach of Ostend.