From June 21st to June 26th in Antwerp, Groenplaats!
REAL is also this year is the proud partner of Q-Beach House!
9 custom-made office units, equipped with a walking grid terrace.
A successful participation in Matexpo 2021 and a successful collaboration with Matexpo 2021.
Real has been supplying "musical radio units" for Vrije Radio Belsele for several years now.

Q-Beach house, a collaboration that has existed for several years between Real Verhuur and DPG Media on the beach of Ostend.

Collaboration between Real Verhuur and the TV series 'De Redders' in Ostend.
288sqm of extra space, completely custom made.
Temporary offices for the Police of Sint-Gillis-Waas.
Custom-made switching and stacking of 33 BEL60 units.
Flexible customization: expansion is always possible. In this case, both storeys were built and placed in different years.