REAL is a Belgian manufacturer and has all the products in stock from which these office units are built off. Even for older units of 20 years and more, we have ready-made solutions. As a result, these parts can be obtained easily; direct from manufacturer to customer!

We use a lot of Belgian components to build our units. Other common elements that we use are of Western European origin, with their standard and norms. So these elements are already widely distributed on the Belgian market.

For additional equipment, REAL puts its trust in well-known brands and the customer can always benefit directly from the service and warranty.

Customer satisfaction

Maximum customer satisfaction


Solid and practical advice


Delivery of the right product at the most competitive price.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our many years of experience and our own transport and crane equipment, we can quickly deliver the desired products to you.


Our extensive fleet includes specific trucks with radiographical steered crane in order to be able to unload autonomously.

Units and containers up to 11.000kg and 3,5m large can be transported.

For the transport of machines we have specialized trucks available, among which lowbed semi-trailer transport.

We also do transports for third-party on a regular base.

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